Friday, January 6, 2012

Alright here We go...

 Well nobody took allot of pictures or at least any good ones of me, or allot, but I will have photo proof! So this is basically what happened in Alaska at the trials event.
Over Christmas Vacation, while I’m sure most of the VA community was having a wonderful day after Christmas (I know I did) I boarded a small plane to Washington DC to start on a trip to Anchorage Alaska for a week to compete in the USA Biathlon Youth Team Trials held at Kinkaid National Park. The flight over was long, but uneventful meeting up with my Biathlon Coach and a few other athletes in Seattle we proceeded to arrive in Alaska just as the sun was setting over the mountains, one of the few times it was clear enough for a mountain view. The Event Week kicked off with a slow start the next day was a training day, stretching muscles, remembering how to ski/shoot correctly and getting used to the cold was the challenge of the first day, with the sun not coming up until around 10am and setting at 4pm left us a six hour training window and required learning how to race strategize for the later races, of which we New Englanders are unused to was an additional assignment. The First race day was the warmest it was going to be for the week a whole 11-13degrees F. The first race was a sprint, consisting of only two shooting stages one prone and one standing. I didn’t do too well as of the ten targets I was only able hit one, and with every miss there is an additional penalty lap. The second day with the pursuit was much better. A biathlon pursuit race has four shooting stages and is longer than a sprint (7.5k) a pursuit is 10k, shot around 60% of the targets and skied well placing for the first time ever first in my age group. By this time the weather was cold a solid 6F when we raced and by the athlete banquet and award ceremony that night it had dropped to a good 0F. The last day was the coldest and the most strenuous, at the time I was border line if I skied well in the second sprint I made the team if not, well then I just spent a very cold week in Alaska. Success was apparent hitting 6 of the 10 targets and a third place finish gave me the boost I needed. But it wasn’t until later in the airport just before my group was to board the plane did we find out who made the team or not, a very long and happy flight back.

 The first win! Womans 10k! With 9 misses had a great  skiing day

From the 10k it was cold! hovering around maybe 6degrees F when woman raced!

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