Friday, January 13, 2012

For the people who asked

I got into biathlon only a few years ago

I was most likely around 12-13 at the time. It wasn’t the real thing right off the bat with guns and ammo and targets, which took a while. Nope, it started with my coach Igor’s crazy idea to have a paintball biathlon race for Valentine’s Day instead of the usually classic race. So the club got about 5 or 6 paint guns created targets to go with and BAM! Race created. It was A BLAST! I was hooked we did it the next year and that’s when I found out there was a beginners biathlon camp out in Lake Placid NY that summer, and I met Mr. Dennis Whitcher who has become a main sponsor for biathlon with me, all I needed was a rifle. I hadn’t shot much before that, sure I shot the air-rifle in the back yard at the many…many chipmunks so I had a little practice. I got a beginners basic rifle first…let me tell you know just get the real stock the beginners rifle has a normal rifle stock and it’s hard to do real biathlon with it.

 I only got to practice a little bit beforehand buuutt not much. That camp was defiantly an eye opener and told me if I wanted to continue in the sport it would take a lot of work and concentration and worst of all patience..i don’t have much. The camp was fun though I got to use a real biathlon rifle the coaches spare, had a couple of most interesting experiences with it. Turns out I would be the one lucky enough to have the bullet blow up in my face in a way that even my coach had never seen before. Yup it blew up! Not just once but twice! I haven’t been able to shoot anything larger than a .22 kick. Working on that though going to see if I can eventually shoot something bigger, not that I don’t love my 22 :D After that camp I didn’t do much except a few other camps and paintball when I could.
Part 2 coming after my chem labs done

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