Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hope You Like ICE

                 VA needs some snow, we don't just need a little here a little there MOTHER NATURE JUST DUMP IT ON US!!!!!!! The Nordic Teams about to go crazy (or at least I am) frankly skiing around in a circle on the football field is not exactly what I would call incredible and resourceful skiing. Though we have been making it interesting adding a couple of twists or a couple of broken poles, yesterdays practice i think was some record breakers. The snow was pretty much an ice rink (No seriously ice skates would have been so much easier) It was about two(2) inches (5cm) of that really really hard icy snow that we all love so much. So we started practice off by running around the field in a very small circle in ski boots with poles like stampeding reindeer trying to make Santa's Sleigh Team. And that's were the mass histairera (Can someone tell me how to spell that I'm having an American moment)

    Anyways.....After about fine minutes of skiing on the smaller circle the first pole fell, lost to ice and new skiers, a moment later while (wait for it..) Indian runs on skis while interweaving through the other skiers an entanglement occurred and Jamie's pole also felt the bitterness of defeat to the cruel ice. After that we did allot of no pole drills..

Just some ice....Leaving the dorm towards the trails in dangerous

SOOO....Anyways on Wednesday we had our second Lakes Region Race at Grafton Ponds hosted by the Putney school. A 5k Classic around a  small loop that totaled to just around a short 4k loop race. The boys had a strong race with some great Individual results for the first time racing for Craig and Paul made their debute on the Prep school racing circute. The VA Boys Team over all had a great placing of fourth overall.   The Girls team did okay we had some great results from the newbies with strong finishes and lots of hope for the rest of the season!
A Nice Pile up during the start of the boys race

hehe never let bored nordies into a Martens!!

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