Monday, January 30, 2012

NorAm Race @ Valcartier Canada

Okay, it didn't go great, no that's a lie, the first race was on Saturday a Sprint race, two shootings.In fact it went great, except that it was the Canada World team trials so youth and junior were doing 7.5k. Sure, Great Fine, if you know that...Nope Had no idea raced the 6k for the youth women, had one of my best sprint races, hitting 50% and skiing pretty fast. I would have won, by 3mins, ifs I hadn't realized I had done the wrong course..First DQ, the odd part was I wasn't the only skier who managed to DQ due to skiing the wrong course, in fact our entire crew excluding  Tara DQ because of the wrong course, Dang IT...but it was a really great day over all the snow was amazing , though it was warm it was tolerable and there was almost no wind! It was a beautiful day for a biathlon race !

The Wax huts to your left and the trails to you right

The Wax rooms

Biathlon Range, located at the Valcartier Army Base Canada

The Corral Lots of Racers

Later after we came back from a long day at the venue we headed into Quebec City to explore a little bit and we were met with some nice surprises!

Old Quebec

A Street, It looks like Mini France

One of the various ally ways we walked down

The Hotel we all put on our bucket list to stay at one day

Street Art

Ice Bar...Its Canada

Everyone could have gotten a drink except me..Darn we're athletes though

Quebec has a winter carnival going, and herethe mascot, He was EVERYWHERE creep-ed us out a little bit

We got Crepes and they were really really good :p

Its an elevator

The toboggan Run, Danika, Tara and I braved it Mike stayed behind though

It was about 70ft of pure ice, pure fun!!

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