Saturday, January 14, 2012


It Finally has Snowed here in Saxtons River Vermont, Not much but enough to hold ski practice at school instead of trekking up to Grafton and skiing the 1km loop. Unfortunately not much for Biathlon training other than skiing has been going on, its hard to shoot when your on a campus that One) doesn't have a range, and Two) doesn't even allow the use of firearms here..but hay what are you going to do?? But More Exciting(at least to me it is) has has come up! My Biathlon Coach Algis just sent me the conformation for my ticket to Finland!!! I'm leaving on the 14th of February and not returning till the 27th of February...yeah school great...Considering I'm leaving coming back for about 3-4 days then the entire school goes on March vacation :p I picked a really good time to go to Finland!!

AND as a bonus I've Finally gotten around to remembering that I DO have some pictures of Alaska!!!!

The Awesome Pre-Flight Breakfast

Somewhere Over the Middle of the USA Not sure were though

The Alaskan Airport and Mountains Very White..

The range on the first day of Training White and a Warm 14*F

The epicness of the event...never used it once

Aren't these Trails JUST AWESOME!!!

This is what I ate with lunch and Dinner Every day and pre-race

Our friend the moose form the lobby

The One, The Only BLUE Flower!!

Favorite spot of the whole trail system

The Plane home...It was so sad to see that Green and no white

The Awesome Idea from Tara to Flamify my poles and my awesome SALOMON skis

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