Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Canada!!! Day One and a Half Recap

       So on Thursday night at 430 pm TWO DAYS Early from long weekend....I left. :D I started on a trek along with a couple other biathletes up to Quebec, Quebec, Canada for one of the NorAm's or North American Biathlon Cups. Getting threw was one of the most frustrating problems to date yet, and I'm here and having an equally frustrating time getting back to school but oh well, ill figure that out later.

So getting to Canada.. So it started with a pretty uneventful ride up to St. Johns-bury with Mr. Collins who also doubles as my crew coach, and we figured out how to combine rowing with biathlon....pistol shooting biathlon, row stop hold the boat steady all the rowers shoot a pistol at some targets then keep rowing...sounds legit!
        Then For pick up from Tara a Jakes Coffee and a wonderful evening at her house doing nothing but race prep, homework and texting people ;P (inside joke whoops sorry guys) and then for a wake up the next morning to rain and tons of slush...Not looking so good when we met up with Algis, Mike, and Danika Fun time in the car though...I think the most memorable quote was from Algis at the border crossing when we were declaring who we were "We are coming for a biathlon race,,,We're Biathletes (pause) WE HAVE Guns! " 
Tara Rocking the Car Ride
Oh yeah tons of fun and that was BEFORE we got lost in Quesbec trying to find the hotel ! Yup Turned around so many times driving the streets for a good half hour, going into other hotels looking for our hotel...and then after we found it we walked outside into a winter wonderland, in fact it could have been Alaska except it was french...
And we can't have snow??? Really???/

Dinner that night was hectic, there's a hockey team staying at the same hotel and we both went to the same restaurant right across the street we left at 7 didn't get back till after nine and still had to wax skis, which we did in the stairwell, it was fun!! Got some funny looks from the hockey players but that was about it, race waxed prepped the skis then we all passed out like rocks..I\'m not sure about the other guys but I was (and still am) just beat to the bone, how I raced today and will tomorrow I'm not sure, how today's race went in a few gonna get some homework done first .

The creepy Hotel mascot...

Crazy resturant

Anddd Waxing in the stair well

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