Saturday, February 18, 2012


So far so Good, Its snowy its white its cold, It's Finland.

After the Team Finally manged to all arrive Wednesday night we all hit the sack and pass out from exhaustion from traveling. Sure your just sitting on a plane, or bus...or train. But with the time zone difference, flight changes, trying to catch the bus and the train, there's a lot of stress plus if your lucky then you can sleep on the plane (I was only able to from Frankfurt to Helsinki).
So we left from Burlington, Sean, Tara, Coach Algis and Travis to Newark NJ, not a bad flight, short but the layover in NJ was three hrs, great we found our flight no prop, after of course me getting stuck in the trains automatic door and almost falling out and going through security and having to have them scan my bag twice because i had a computer in it....anyways..we got bored so we went adventuring, the perfume shop, the I <3 NJ/NY shops and the Swatch store, pretty sweet. Then we got to ride on a Double Decker Plane, Yes it did, it had Two Floors, NJ to Frankfurt, Germany overnight and trust me airplane food isn't that great, but we lived.
The after we got here Thursday I think, we just stayed at the hotel and skied on the trails right outside and behind us, there pretty great, groomed by the town and maintained extremely well, people ski here to go to work, and the kids ski home ahh if only in the USA. a walk into town that afternoon, with some interesting encounters such as the finnish man who was so excited to see Team USA Biathlon and even asked for a hat, and hiding recently bought candy from the coach (Anna/Me ;) ) We also got our Team USA gear, and we've been sporting it all day every day since.
Friday, first trip to the Range!! Its Huge, granted not as big as they come but in comparison to NE the US quit large! So first day one the range was interesting right off the bat the youth men/women had a time trial, for me personally it didn't go great, but i was able to ski and shoot so i finished not last but close to it. Later me and Anna went for a great hour ski and tried sking over to an island on the lake of which we decided not to do till afterwards..
Today's training started with an early breakfast of around 715 and boarding the bus at around 8 with Canada and Swiss Team pick ups along the way to the range, were the junior women had a time trail and the Youth got to just do allot of easy skiing with slow shooting, with me trying to hit more than three targets standing (with wind) and not being able to. So far frustrating but Coach Shalna's right I haven't been able to train my shooting skills much, if i had been training a lot. After wards We had a great walk through down town Helsinki got lost on the wayback but over all its been great. 

Pictures to be posted with a few video blog links

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