Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Race done and Over

Before the Race Start

First Race was on Monday, with the Youth Me and Women, with Women racing first over a 10 kilometer course for an individual race (5 course loops, 4 shooting, and no penalty laps).  Anna had a great race coming in 30th with Tara coming in right behind her at 44th, Missy at 58th.

            I went out last for the USA and over all starting with bib 78 out of 78 racers, coming in last over all last racers in  BUT not last over, in the end I finished with 72 overall. Though it wasn't enough to get me on the Youth Women's relay team, It was still a great race over all, and a lot of experience came out of it, I missed 10 of the 20 targets, nearly cleaning my last standing shoot hitting them all except for the last target. The race course was tough, it was a 2k course that had a large uphill(WALL) climb that was easily a minim of .5k long, but very steep, and long with coaches standing at he top of hill yelling in all languages for the last bit of the hill and course just before the finish, making you forget the complete burning sensation that was left in your thighs from after the climb(times five) and push it to the finish. It was a great race overall though, and getting prepared for the Sprint race this Friday.

To the Stadium race day

In my defense we left early at 725

Our Finnish wax tech, did an awesome job

Start area

Anna post race, looken tired but deadly

Tara got her 'ghetto going'

              Today was kind'ove an easy training day, with the Junior Men and Women racing in the morning and early afternoon. Spent the morning exploring the endless trail/sidewalk trails that seem to just go on and on, behind the university in town, everybody here ski's the young the old and the in between, why don't we have skiing like this in the USA? I meant to take pictures of a couple of interesting bridges and structures along the trail, but me being me I forgot my camera woops.

        Training at the range this afternoon though, oh it was a mess. By that time we (youth men and women) got out there it had warmed up, great but we were all prep for cold, and the wind had picked up along with the snow. Its been snowing here almost non-stop, but more snow is better then no snow like in New England I guess, except when it clogs up you rear-site even when the covers closed. The wind was so strong that while even during slow fire today, I had tears in my eyes clogging up the vision and site of the target, from the snow that was just cutting into our faces.

  Well thats about it as far as up dates go, I'll have some pictures and I'll make a couple of other videos, but so far so good, still hanging in there and trying to get some homework done.

BONUS: Funny story, on the bus back from the youth race, we were with the Swiss and the Russian girls, I attempted to test my skills and tried to strike up a convo with a couple of the Russian girls about their jackets (The Russians have really neat warm up jackets, a light blue with a full imperial eagle on the back with RUSSIA embroidered into the back ) But was quickly shot down because of the wrong version of the word jacket used, and left stumbling..well at least I tried :/

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