Friday, March 16, 2012

At Nationals Now

A lot has happened, just been so crazy that there just hasn't been much time left for updates but here's one anyways. 

Well looks like I left it with the individual race results, after that was the relays, of which I did not make the relay team for for the youth women it was a 3x a sprint race. Then after wards it was another sprint race in which, if you came in top 60 you qualified for the pursuit race the next and last day. I had my best race of the season with 8 of the ten targets hit and Skied for me, extremely well, though after I came over the line I couldn't breath and was seeing lots and lots of pretty little silver stars after my last lap, I was a couple seconds to slow and about 5 places back from 60th. But it was great race that my coachs where happy with and there's always next year if I make the team again. After the Pursuit race and some incredible performances by Sean, Sam and Tara for the Youth and Casey, Ethan and the Alaskan Twins, we all packed up on a bus for a midnight ride to Helsinki to start the long trip back to the USA.

Tara looking strong as she goes out for her second lap in the YW relay

Amanda and Anna just haven fun during the mens pursuit race

Our Slovenia Friends that lived across from us at the hotel, I did get a sweet race hat from them 

The Protest began just after dinner about leaving we really didn't want to go

After the bus ride and before we even got on the plane for Sweden we where already fried, we slept for a good hour on the airport chairs 

Sweden has amazing coffee and Muffins or at least they taste amazing at 7am in the airport

After the arrival in Vermont and a good two hour car ride to Vermont Academy I spent maybe two days at school and then another day at my grandparents house before flying out of Albany to the 2012 USSA Marriott Junior Nationals for XC skiing in Soldier Hollow for a week of Altitude 

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