Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hm Maybe the Irish are Lucky

So it is now DAY THREE of US Biathlon Nationals here in West Yellowstone, Montana. (Look I wrote MONTANA right!!! )  

                                           And well it has pretty much just been RAINING the entire WEEK, though not the entire week, it started off with really bad wind but then the wind decided to leave and the rain decided to come. It pretty much just been a slush fest this entire time. There's slush all over the roads plus a snowmobiling EXPO going on at the same time so in town the air just smells Lovely...Over All not to bad, if we could just remove the wet its be pretty Dang close to perfect. 

                                        With the First two races at this time already completed, with a very pleasing finish for both of them, my skiing as it has always riddled  me by being faster with the rifle on my back,compared to where in nordic skiing I do not. But regardless, in the Sprint competition that took  place on Thursday, I had a very good shooting of 7 for 10, and a good skiing time landing me with my first win of the the weekend! Then after a very wet training and rest day we went out for the Pursuit competition with 5second interval starts and the first across the line as the winner. With the athletes going out in order of their finish from the previous race landed me with the number one bib, and after a bit of a stressful race and fast skiing, with an okay shooting of 13 for 20 shooting and a hard sprint to the finish with some great competitors and a tight win my second win came into view. After I crossed the line I couldn't believe it, that never happens to me, the sprint to the finish never happens with me in the front my lunge adding those seconds that I needed. Needless to say I could care less what happens tomorrow the past two races have been enough to last me for a long time to come. And the experience though wet and cold has been fulling and great. 

                                                      I did wear some great St. Patrick's day spandex but I do not have any pictures yet of the event, if they do become available, since I haven't been taking any (sorry guys but its been wet, and my hands are full out there) I'll put them up when available  

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