Friday, March 16, 2012

Sun, Slush and Sunscreen

Well as you can see  Junior Nationals was pretty sunny out, you can't see the burn to much here but trust me I had a nice raccoon face going at the time.

So had a couple races at Altitude around 5000 ft or so, yeah I tried to convince myself I wasn't going to feel it but yes, yes I did, and I felt it hard...Four Competitions, 1.3k Classic Sprint(66th), the 10k Skate(56th) the 5k Classic(68th) and the relay in which I race with the OJ women and we placed 15th overall not to bad. 
The conditions where warm sunny and general T-Shirt weather, lots of sunscreen was used and burning still happened, not many photos where able to be taken as it was just to busy with the prim Olympic course skiing and trying to learn to re-breath at the high altitude which we New Englanders where not used to at all in the slightest.  

 Racing was good and team NE performed well despite the conditions and was able to once again for the fourth year take the Alaska cup home to good ole NE. 

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