Monday, March 26, 2012

US Biathlon Nationals Wrap Up


The last and final race of the weekend and the most stressful for me was the mass start. Four shootings, penalty loops and 10 kilometers. The race went well despite a rocky start with a face plant on the first turn of the course; the shooting did not go to well with a 10 for 20 targets hit and a lot of penalty loops. I was able to stick with the winner for a good portion but came to a great silver place finish. Over all a great week and an incredible time despite weather conditions, the excitement of my placing’s was something that I haven’t  experienced a lot of and was a thrill to final get there. Not to mention we girls had some after wards just skiing around , trying to outdo the boys, right before the sunny ski turned cloudy and we all ran a ducked for cover. Great Weekend finally 

After that I boarded yet another plane and took of for Georgia where the crew team met me in the airport skis and all, and we headed towards a sunny and fun week of rowing at the 1996 Olympic center, I got to row in the single boat, filling in just one day in the four when one of the boys (Bobby) got dehydration sickness from the very very strong sun there, rowing in the single was fun I could just go where and when i wanted to, even during a couple 2000meter a 1000meter pieces on the race course i was able to take a win over the boys 4. But they have the fact that there was a couple more inexperienced people on their boat on their side, but I  like to take my victories when I can :) 

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