Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stay'in Alive

Well a lot has been going on in the grand scheme of things here, went with Alexandra's school to the island called Monkey Island but no monkeys :(

Went on a forest hike to where there where/are old Buddhist Shrines (creating the idea that monks had wayyyy to much time on their hands, or where really really bored) But it gave some great insight views on the Japanese culture.

Some really nice views on the opposite side of the bay

And this Buddha was over 10m set INTO the rock, how I have no clue...

All these little monks where just scattered all over the trails in small little clusters of 15-100 at a clip

One of the Largest Buddhas, it was large and very impressive. 

Alone with the giant Buddhas and the lack of monkeys on Monkey Island, there's been a lot of biking around exploring Japan on my brand new rode bike which is a charm despite what some of you might think -_-)
I've gotten lost a couple times though in the end it turned out i was right behind the house almost but I had no idea, it is so much easier to go places if the signs and everything is not in Japanese it is more distracting then you might think. 

There have been several expeditions to several other parks around the neighborhood, I'll have to take pictures later but there are some pretty awesome Roller slides, some rainbow bridges and some awesome trampoline like nets! hehe ^_^

Well looks like that's all for now tata for now Ill post some more pics later :p Check FB! 

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