Friday, June 8, 2012

Well It's Been A While

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun

Yup that's right, I have completely forgotten to update this thing at all during crew season and the end of school year, but that in my defense was crazy busy. Races every Wednesday and Saturday in which Liv and I in the double where able to KICK SOME V4 BUTT!!! AND in the girls Second Varsity Four, we where able to hold our own and win some races! Over all it was a great season, ending with the Girls Second Four sweeping its competition and winning our event, and the same with the boys, though they took third :P
        The season, ended with a naming ceremony for the boats. We named the Double (The Eric O. Martinson), the Windtec (Sean P. Campell) and the Novice Vespolie  (O'keefe) with that exams ended and I was finally able to leave school for the summer.
        After a great weekend spent at Deanna's house, and seeing all of the man friends of whom I have not been able to see sense the start of school.

Well after all that doda and what ever,  I got to go on a really long and rather boring plane ride to Tokyo, Japan.

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