Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Headed Home

So at long last though it has seemed all to short, I fly home today. Wow. That's all I have to say, it seems like I just got here! Well we did manage to cram in a few last activities into the weekend. Bike riding, the Yokohama roller coaster and area  and just general mayhem ;p  Well see you guys state side! 


The bike ride down the market, at 5am the normal except my neighbor gave me her toe clips to try and they where AMAZING I want some now 

Yokohama park and just the City of Yokohama behind us, it was HOT and FUN

It's not two tickets to paradise but two tickets to a very large roller coaster seemed close enough! John was a tad nervous ! I wasn't :P 

IT WAS AWESOME and John screamed the whole way down this part ;p

Matthew and Alex took a smaller water slide one where they both blew my ears out here! 

And this guy was at a Hawaii goods store in the Yokohama World Mall he was crazy 

Kentucky derby anyone??

at the Old Yokohama Port

Big ship very cool :)

Yokohama Landmark Tower!!

Bubby's dinner I quote 'New York style ' well it was close enough 

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