Friday, July 20, 2012

Picture Update!

Second On Base Triathlon and most likely my last for the triathlon season took  second over all and first for the 18 and under! 

One of the life guards, I SWEAR IT'S NINA LOOK JUST LOOK IT'S HER She even talks similar ! 

My Kiddos!! At their first swim meet! all in one race it was crazy!! 

The results of a 530am bike ride! 

I would find the Cow shrine of Good Luck

At the awesome Godzilla park there was a huge rope course, I had no issues with it John did though haha ^_^

I did say "GODZILLA PARK" right?? HE'S REAL!!

Well the bottom of Mt. Fuji is always a great place to start

But you couldn't see a thing at the top. I didn't care I was King of the World at the moment! Not that papa or John cared they just wanted off the mountain 

The middle of the Volcano gave a better view of the surrounding area 

And well at the base there was this.....hat....I refused purchase 

COSTCO here, gotta love the moving sidewalks 

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  1. Oh Mikaela, I miss you! You're hilarious, sister. :)