Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well It's Been A While

Wow...woops been a little distracted you know that School and College thing...

Well lets see what have I missed, um  a lot....Sorry Guys

Jericho Biathlon
Lake Placid Biathlon
Crew Season!

      So Jericho-Was really really good, we had a Swedish exchange program going with their Junior and Youth men and women's team and one coach so we got to train with them for the whole time, and the races wet amazing for me! coming in Third for the USA every race though twice I placed fourth in two of the three races all was good and fun, I was finally able to shoot after being cut off for the whole summer it was a relief  to just be able to shoot bullets.

        We then moved over to Lake Placid with Vlad's group for some good mountain running and volume training. After running up ohhh only like Three mountains that was ranging from anywhere from 2 hours to four hour runs not a bad start, some biathlon combos on the new range over by the ski jumps!! Was pretty sweet! But then we had to say good bye :( bot only to our new Swedish friends but to Tara as well who is going over the pond to train with the Swedish team at their school PG program for American students.

        After that a nice long drive back with Sean D. to good ole New Hampshire and the farm where I got to spend a week seeing my best friend  Deanna and play with some cows :D not only did I manage that but I did manage to get my wisdom teeth pulled and look like a chipmunk hyped up on 1800mg of pain meds. So glad that Deanna was there other wise as she had stated I was like a drunk not being able to walk straight. And (I did a lot in one week) I got to see Torin not once but twice, so life was pretty awesome.

        Back to school it's life, classes, crew and the life going on and on and on. Seems like we don't get a break but that's the way school is and why its not called fun. We have a lot of new kids this year and it's kinda sad that I will only have one year with them as many of them are already great friends of mine. The crew team started of its season string and ended even stronger.
     Though I was not able to row this season in a girls double or four because we did not have a girls team and Liv is studying for a semester in England. I was still able to have plenty of fun rowing a single and coxing the boys novice four boat, and on occasion the Novice 8.

The boys Novice 4 on our way to the finish of the NE Champs

Not the prettiest but I did get 3rd at NE Champs

Proof, Gold for the N4 and Bronze in the 1x :D

I have fun at practice

Amazing crew team this year love 'em all despite ow annoying they all can get


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