Monday, December 31, 2012

Austria Anyone??

Not just the home of the Sound of Music but also the site of the 2013 YOUTH/JUNIOR BIATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Yes that's right which can only mean I had a hell of a time racing in freezing temperatures in Grand Rapids Minnesota this past week. But it was all worth it in the end to be able to spend the frozen week with some awesome teammates of whom I will be seeing some more of by the end of the month when the American "Polish" Youth Women's Biathlon Team heads overseas again! I say "Polish" because all of us who will be wearing the good ole USA all have polish last names and are welp you guessed it Polish.

And well out of three qualifying races only a two of them came out great. The first sprint race I decided to completely bomb, shoot a bad prone and not only that but cross fire standing and not find out until AFTER I finished so that I had a six minute added penalty moving me even though a bad shooting from second to last place. Not a great start...

But Redemption can be sweet. The pursuit race I shot better and skied fast only missing two of my ten standing shoots I hit about 70% of the targets and was second for the race day. An awards banquet following was great in the fact that we manged to get the nations best youth and junior biathletes to fit into one room that wasn't even full but oh well.

The third and final day came in a whirlwind! hitting most of my prone targets but then with a CLEAN for standing and some fast skiing left me second overall for the combined Youth and Junior times and a spot on the 2013 team! Thanks to everyone at trials I am now sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for the rest of my nordic ski team so that we can head over to Soldier Hallow and race in the Nordic Nationals at altitude! If they ever decide to come in.

Official announcement and story here at USBA's website:
Youth/Junior Team Naming
Photos of the event here at..Photos of WJYC Trials Grand Rapids Minn.

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