Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So it snowed....I know right? Finally.

At Craftsbury after the Eastern Cup races and a HUGE mix up with results from the Classic Sprint on Saturday which required a complete rerunning of the sprint race for the entire field (which for me btw's went well 9th J1 girl overall in the sprint soo yea.. ), and a grueling 8.75k (didn't do as hot but it was the first one) 5 lap course (Which I had a harder time racing simple because though I did race mostly on small loops course with lots of laps last year it's hard to get back into the swing of "lap" racing and I went out to hard for the first three before eating it for the 4th and 5th) on Sunday for me; but for the VA Guys they had 7 laps of 11.25k. All on a tiny little 1.8k loop of artificial man made snow.

A few members of the VA elite nordic team cheering on our fellow skiers in the men's 2nd sprint

And Then it Snows...

AFTER the races, it snows enough to open 13k of Craftsbury's trail system...

Which is fine for me since I'm staying here in Craftsbury all week, to ski and shoot for biathlon when coach can come up!! So more snow for me!!  And it just snowed another inch-ish last night two so the off-main trails which were starting to need some snow got it and the main loop is going to have an awesome groom!

You guys should defiantly come up and ski with me I'll be here all week until Saturdays Biathlon Time trial!!

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