Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swing into Skiing

So it is now the beginning of December and we have already had a good amount of on snow time or at east I have, and  a few of the other members of the ski team.

During Thanksgiving break I went up to Craftsbury Vermont in the midst of college touring and got a good 120km of on snow time and shot over 300 rounds at a metal biathlon target. Good Weekend. Got to ski some ski buddies and get in a few combo's while travel from college to college trying to find a sport for me! So far it seems like the UVM ROTC program for me! maybe we'll see.

Long runs are not always fun but the sites you can stumble upon make it worth it

I used to have a pheasant that I would run into on runs, not any more I guess....woops

Other than that, it has been pretty dull here skiing wise, training we have been doing a lot of running and ski bounding and don't forget those medicine ball throws!! All of this in in preparation for the opening Eastern Cup in Craftsbury Vt. and for the Biathlon Team Trials in Minnesota this year for me after Christmas, followed by the Nordic Nationals out in Salt Lake City Utah. I'll be sure to try and keep you guys posted on those events.

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