Saturday, January 19, 2013

Do you Speak English?

We started off the trip with an hour delay on the runway in Burlington due to a air traffic jam in NY...

But after that we were on our way to NY and shortly afterwards an eight hour flight to Munich.Over Across the pond and through the woods over a couple of snowy high ways on the auto bond we’re almost to our destination.

            Once in Munich came a three hour wait for the rest of the team to show up and then a 3½ hour bus ride to Austria and to our hotel. Our hotel in almost an allusion, it’s smaller on the outside than it is on the inside, with a great view of the surround mountains for we are in a valley and so is the stadium we all passed out for eleven hours before a great classic and viewing of the 42km race that’s part of world loppet race series in which our wax tech Marki participated in. Team USA was officially the loudest and largest cheer squad for our loan racer, but it was something else, I have never seen so many racers skiing at once, it was just one continuous train right of classic skier right after each other, there was over a thousand racers making for a long race.

  So far the stay of one night and two days has gotten off to a great start and so far everyone on the team just loves Austria and the weather here, we’re all super pumped for the races and just can’t wait every morning to just get out there and ski. The internet’s really spotty here so updates might be hard to do but I will try and keep you guys updated as much as possible! Gratzi! 

A skate in the afternoon to the venue which is only about 6-8km away was eventful and an adventure, the trials here are mostly just large treeless fields with a meter of snow and easily over a thousand switchbacks which can create a long ski. After creating some tracks of our own to cut sometime we ran into some Russians who had races and I got a chance to put my Russian language classes to work and hold a five minute conversation with them about the race biathlon and how we should do hunting instead of targets. 

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