Sunday, January 6, 2013

Got Oxygen?

Got Oxygen? seems to be the local joke around the ski resorts here, even for the alpine skiers. 

For even alpine skiers who are not yet used to the high altitudes that Salt Lake city has to offer are ripe and ready to go off the bat. The Vermont Academy Nordic ski team has been in Salt Lake City for the past couple of days well since last Monday/Tuesday or New Years Eve/Day was when we first got here.
 The first race to start of this very long week filled with work and homework was a classic 1.3 kilometer sprint. Not that bad of a race...If you hadn't just spent the last week and a half doing skate...So to sum it up it hurt...a bit..and I placed well but not well even to get me into the  Junior finals. Oh well there is always next year and other races, but what I was happy about was that even though I did not have a great placing my time was very good showing just how tight the field was i was only 37 seconds back from the winner of the senior women and I was 114th. the boys had a pretty goo day as well, Jamie and Craig where in pretty much the same predicament as me, though neither of them has experienced much of racing at altitude before and the first race was hard for them, but they both pulled off amazing races for team VA they should be proud of themselves.

Afterwards we all went for a nice long distance classic around the rest of the trails of Soldier Hallow, exploring the amazing downhills and the long and frustrating uphills. but in the end we did get some great views of an amazing sunset over the hilly regions of the hallow we were in.

Next came the skate race. for the boys a long hard 15k course, but for me only 10k. It was a hard course with the first half being almost all up hill and then before the lap and the finish was the longest hill I have ever skied in my life,, except of course for last year when I had to ski it then too. results for me were very good I skied well which means I did well. Craig and Jamie had a good race, it was very long a difficult for them having to add the extra 5k at the altitude with the killer hill times 3. but both finished with smiles on their faces happy that it was over.

Yesterday was a rest day where went skiing for a bit but then proceeded to go to Park City to explore the town a bit and look at some 100.000 dollar Rolex watches and some crazy expensive jackets that would make great team warm up jackets. After getting back some pasta and good nights sleep and a 10k/5k classic distance is all that awaits us here in Salt Lake. We'll be heading home soon, and I am for one a little excited to sleep in my own bed for a change these past couple of weeks.

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