Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When In Rome

We're on about day 5 and the competition officially opens tomorrow with the sprint races afterwards. 

Needless to say there has been a lot and a little going on the past few days since the last post, mostly it has just been training, skiing on the trials to and from the venue, a shooting day on the range thrown in for fun. The course it's self is going to be tough, previewing the course, it goes up a field hill and then a small downhill then up the pretty much VA free-ski hill then down a little bit then back up a sloping uphill then a sharp downhill turn and an upward hill to the range, this  hurt during the time trial and will during the actual races.

On Monday we waxed up the classic skis and just skied back and forth on the large amount of trials behind our hotel, skiing in a few small groups combining to larger ones hen separating out again just enjoying our on little nordic worlds. In the afternoon we got our first taste of shooting at the venue. with a hill approaching the range this will most likely be one of the most difficult races to race with the average shootings being lower than normal here.

And then Monday night the snow hit hard. It had started snowing in the afternoon on our way back to the hotel, but then it just kept coming down. And when as we found out it starts snowing here it snows a lot. As you can see by my classic poles in the picture above we got a lot of snow; and that's only from what we got there was already a 2-3ft base.

So, by Tuesday morning we had needless to say snow that would make any skier of any style drool with excitement. And it was still snowing.

Yes Sir, we had that and all to ourselves. Well we did have to share with the Russian but they didn't come by till almost lunch. Outside of our hotel is a large field and in that field is a few fairly large slopping hills covered in fresh white powder. In the Words of Tara G-Moats the truth is and still stands for that day "It's time like these when you should never have become a nordic skier, you will end up in Austria, it will be dumping, and you will have skinny skis." It was worth the wipes outs and faces full of snow though.

My wipe outs were pretty awesome in the fact that I could make it down the hill and then just spazz afterwards. Winding up finding myself in a preztel with my Blitz glasses filled to the brim with snow.

I was up to my waist off the jump area, where Jakob and Tara took to the skies in front flip's. I acted as cameraman and was the flimer of there great leaps and bounds from above below and sideways. Which did require some in snow time as you can see. It was quite comfortable just chillen in a pile of snow that did when standing come up to in some places not just on the landing area up past my waist. 

Today was a similar but different story, waking up to some a chilly morning but the sun shining bright it was the best way to walk into the next day on our list. A time trial in the morning at the range was not the best way to spend the morning but it helped get my head in the game help me and the coaches fix some flaws with my range exit, switching up my Salomon poles for some diamond Oneways (once again Thanks Jakob) so that I can get in and out faster of the range and get back on the trial sooner. 
That was the Womens morning practice, the boy's got to do theirs in the afternoon when we got to go explore some more of the what seems to be endless fields of snow. In these fields of snow though hold many small barn like buildings for hay and small maybe 20 person churchs. 

We decided to hike up to see one of these church's. Algis told us to go on a 30-40 minute ski, we ended up going for almost and hour and a half because of our detour. But the site was worth it in the end.It was cool to see  and look around.  

Great past couple of days, so far so good. We're all staying healthy and happy, and doing lot's of homework and own blog updates just like I am doing now. The poker games with bullets in between lunch dinner and training sessions are great ways that we all manage to spend our time together. Looking forward to the opening ceremonies and opening races on Friday. The races in theory will be on BiathlonWorld TV so please look it up and watch it!! Cheer on Team USA!!

Biathlon World TV ~~Look at the bottom where it has the different playlist's listed. It is under "live Events' and the Youth/Junior WorldChamps Watch for us!! 

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