Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well I Guess I should Update at Some Point Huh??

Well as you can see or guess there was a lot happening at the time and well updating the blog just hasn't been on the list of things to do. Sorry My B.  
But other than that here's the wrap, I left you guys off with Sean's SILVER Medal, but that's not all the kid can do. Sean D. Came back not just with one silver, but silvers (one in the sprint and one in the individual) BUT ALSO A GOLD in the Pursuit race. SO CONGRATS Sean, taking to the record books for Team USA for us.

So Yea, The bar has been raised for the Youth Athletes, especially during the week after when the Youth Women still had races to do. That was hard for us, or at least for me I personally felt, it would have been great to have both a Youth Male and Female podium or top 10. But maybe next year when the Champs are in Maine.

The relay went well for Team USA with Anna coming in first for a couple of shootings and then handing off to me for 4th place which i held up until my last standing where I had, yes I had one penalty to ski but was still able to come in in 6h and hand off in 7th. Our Team finished 13th and the Boys pulled a string 9th place finish.

Updates about Post Worlds and HS races with USBA Nationals and Eastern's to come!

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