Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crew Season Over??? No....

It can't be....It is...I know to hard to believe, that's exactly what I keep telling myself everyday...But yes it does seem to be that the last season of High School crew is least for me...

So just to switch things up a bit this season I started out, on the horseback riding team! I was tired, I mean wicked tired from Ski season, and the last thing I wanted to do (still holds true) was do a 2k urg test. terrible I know right? but yes..But I couldn't stay away from the boat's so I came back as a coxswain. 

You know the little person who sits int he boats, steers, and tells(yells sometimes) at the rowers of what to do? yea that was me. 
So I got the boys second Varsity and Boys Third Varsity, occasionally switching with Abby(girls varsity coxswain) with the girls novice boat. Talk about headache. There was a lot of seat racing for the boys second varsity boat and finally boat line ups where not determined till after our first race in Worcester, Mass. Which was clearly most of the boys first race. 

So after some mixing some mashing and some good ole seat racing, where I lost my voice for about the week, had numerous study season with fellow coxswain Matt(boys varsity coxswain) about what we should or shouldn't do(like fish tailing right in front of me during the last 2k piece *cough *cough Matt......... *cough *cough <3) We eventually came up with race plans, some calls and the idea that we had no idea why we're doing this but it was fun in some sort of masochistically way... We had our line ups, and we where fast...

Boys Varsity 4: Garret K. Bobby R. Julian S. (my little novice from the fall season grew up so fast :')) Carson B. and coxswain Matt C. What a crew they manged to place in the top 6th overall in all of NE and New York at the NE regional qualifiers for Nationals!! 

The boys Second Varsity boat had a great season as well. With Conner B. Mike C. Keenan F. and Jack L. with me as coxswain. I also had the Boys Third Boat of Conner B. George B. Jesse G. and Jack L. 

There where some changes for the NE regional race as Keenan couldn't row since he had a HS diploma already, so we had to combine the two boats to make one. 

By this point I had to start rowing for the girls varsity boat do to some of the other girls not being able to row. so the New Boys line up which dominated in regional's coming in 3rd overall in the Boys 2V event! With a line up if Liv D. Conner B. Jesse G. Mike C. and Jack L. !!! They did amazing!!!

Well over all the Crew season was the best it ever was and it was the best group of kids that have ever gone through that program. Going to miss each and everyone of you guys but hay that's why they made phones right? Love you all

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