Sunday, June 16, 2013

Graduation and Japan

Wow looks like I still have a lot of catching up to do.....But I'll make this one faaaassst :p

So I graduated High School from Vermont Academy, Yea Class of 2013!! 

Well to make it simple, I graduated with a diploma and with all of my friends! Well most of them at least there's a couple Juniors thrown in there ;p sorry guys next year for you! 

Well it poured rained the day of graduation, so we had to have graduation in the gym, but it was a great time anyways. Sad but sweet, this was defiantly the best year at VA that I have ever had. 

One of the best things I could have ever received from VA was my Crew Senior Oar that was signed by everyone. I love it, And I will always be able to sit in my tub at home and pretend that I'm rowing in it when I miss the crew team, or should I say my scull. 

And Well what trip back to Farmington would have been complete without meeting up with old and new(ish) friends? 

Yes that is a back-hoe and yes I am driving it! ;p talk about that for the day after graduation ;p

Deanna and I both graduated at the same time! So we got to have a double grad party! Wouldn't be like anything without her there! We've done and been through a lot together. Good Luck Deanna at UNH this fall.


And Hay it wouldn't be a party without Gillian and Emily Right? I mean come on we've all grown up basically in the same house we spent so much time together!! 

I even managed somehow to drag this dork down from NoCo for the day(s) tehe, tough life huh? Had to spend alllll day at the farm with the bunch of Hyped up girlllsss :P I think he lived don't worry guys, but you might want to ask Jacob how he is, he looked a little tired and wouldn't let me get a pic!!

And I now I'm back in Japan, for the month of June before headed back to Maine for the MWSC and UMFK and to start my current degree in Nursing. I was a little tired so I made my brother carry me around the park base! Ahh it's good to have a little brother again. I'm really a great older sister, you just can't always tell ;p

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