Thursday, June 13, 2013

HS Racing, Over and Done With :(

So as I said Good Bye to Nordic and Biathlon for the Winter Season, I said hello to one last season of five of rowing at VA. 

But let me first start off with the cliff hanger of the Winter Nordic season and Eastern High School's and Biathlon Nationals that was never finished. 

And there'll will be pictures lot's of pictures :)

After a long...very long Nordic season, mostly consisting of cold and windy days spent at the race courses for the Lakes Region races with little to no snow and if there was snow it was icy for the most part. out in the middle of no-where trying to remember how to shoot for biathlon after having little to no practice with my rifle at all this winter!...Yea sounds like a great start to the season, but wait there's more!

So Biathlon Nationals this year where in Fort Kent, Maine. So Basically Canada. It took me a three hours in a train and then eight hours in my coaches van just to get there! The actual area of Fort Kent, ME isn't at all bad, unless you've been already living in the middle of no-where for the last three years and the last thing you want to do is find out that Fort Kent is even more in No Man's Land than Saxtons River, Vt is. Hard concept to believe right? I know I was there once in 9th grade for Biathlon Nationals and do not remember it being so remote then as it is now...times change I guess. 

So the races didn't go great, I skied fast, as fast as I could I had just come off the Lakes Region and NE Prep School racing circuit where I managed to pull off the overall winner's title for both the Lakes Region and NEPSAC race's.  Yea Cause I can be that good at skiing sometimes....but only sometimes.... I do have a picture to prove it....just in case people where wondering if i was joking :p

On the left is Lakes Regions and Right is NEPSAC's 

So after those races I went off to Fort Kent, where yes I did manage to place, well after my tiring season.
Two Bronze and Silver was for me that race weekend. Not bad I should say. Though I will say I was not feeling great, I could ski fast but my shooting was poor. I guess I still have not been able to get over my poor shooting at Worlds in Austria this winter. Bad I know, but hard for me to get over. Luckily for me I have some great friends in the world of Biathlon. Always looking out for each other and helping where it's needed. 

We're a bunch of goof-balls but it can make a slow and warm race weekend worth the trip up North! 

And best part about that is, almost all of us will be at MWSC(Maine Winter Sports Center) this winter so we'll finally get to see each other more than just the occasional race trip, that could be either good or bad :P just kidding guys, I'm sure it'll be fine. 

Welp guess that leads on to EHSC's now that was in fact in P. Isle Maine, so I did not have very far to travel at all to get there. 

As you can for NH. They once again denied me a spot on the team due to the fact I would not be there due to the conflict of World Championship races for Biathlon in Austria... as they have before made it to hard for me to ski or them. 

So I skied for team Vermont and we crushed it! Not to mention the fact that several of the NH kids were slightly edgy and quite downright rude about the fact I was on VT instead of NH only helped to make my drive to do well on Team Vermont even stronger(you guys know who you are and yes I will hold a grudge against you for a long time, it was uncalled for, it wasn't my fault! You were rude!). Vermont had a strong team this year consisting of Three VA skiers. Craig C. Jamie L. and myself, with Coach Alexei tagging along with some lactate remover and sports drink that though had a odd/strange color to it...had a sweetish taste that did wonders over night for my legs. 

By the time Eastern's rolled around i had been up in the county for over a week and the weight of the ski season was finally starting to hit me, I was exhausted...the fist race of the weekend was the skate distance. And all I wanted to do was sleep by then. For the entire weekend all I did was sleep, never before have I been so tired, which was weird for me. 

Overall I was able to stay in the top ten for all of the races ranging from 5th to 6th and 10th in the events with even a 9th place finish for my relay team! I got to see many of my teammates also do well, Craig had a third place finish and Jamie consistently did well overall for his long trek up to no mans land from Saxtons River! Even a few of my old friends from GNA (and there were a lot of them there, in fact they were my ride back to Farmington, NH! Thanks guys!!!)where there and skiing for team NH, so I got to see them race and do well. But I'll never forget the NY team cheering for us girls during the classic 7.5k with their shirts off at the top of the hill talk about motivation, WOW that sure made us ski faster ;p

And with that my friends was the end my race season for Vermont Academy. BOOM, BAM Done...just like that. Hard, but well fought for. Over all my time spent on the VA ski team earned me Some Championship Titles in prep school skiing circles, a few Junior Biathlon World Championship team spots. Some top ten placing in HS racing in NE, showing my face at Nationals for biathlon and Nordic skiing. And the chance to meet many new, fun exciting and awesome people. Thanks guys for everything you all did, whether it was on the ski team, at school, or simple some good ole friends from home whom I could call home to whenever I was feeling down or wanted to shout out how I did. Thanks guys couldn't have done it without and I still can't! 

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