Friday, August 30, 2013

Moving On

Title Says it all, I am moving from one stage of my life to the next one. 

So after spending a good month in the land of the Rising Sun; I moved out once again and back to the states and this time to Fort Kent, Maine to live in the athletes house of MWSC with five other biathletes and a nordic skier. It's mostly just us PG's (post grads)and a few ODT (Olympic development team) members. But we're making the most of it, training and living or at least trying to live together until next ski season. 

So after spending a month of Japan, yes I did move out, again; and most likely not the last time either, with 4 years of college and skiing and moving still ahead.

So how exactly did I spend my month in Japan you may ask? well rather well I would think, for it being a 'Vacation' with training on the side with a pinch of sightseeing, friends, and some actually like relaxing(???) trips around the island?

We did a lot of moving around and adventuring this summer, from Disney Sea to Yokohama Sea World to the Mountains of the Mira Penn. and Surfing in Chiba, I think my favorite adventure was the learn to surf day I did with the Navy on a Saturday, when we drove at 5 am one morning to a beach in Chiba, Japan and learned how to 'surf'.  John(my younger brother) and I  learned how to lay on a board and get tossed around by gain ocean waves, but it was a great day getting tossed about and drowned in the ocean but it was great day learning or at least trying to! 

So far after that, it was a most of the same routine day in and out, a bike ride here a running session there, along with the tourism part and trying to keep up with the 8 and 11 year old's while still training and preparing myself for the life that I was about to drop myself into of training with MWSC PG Biathlon team up in Fort Kent, Maine and starting my freshman year of college at UMFK with a major of nursing. Go big or go home right? While the summer in Japan was fun it's time for me to move on and continue to move forward with what I am planning on doing with my life at the moment, which will have a large focus of training and school and trying to figure out how to balance them both out, it will be tricky but should not be not doable. So until next time; which I shall tell the tale of Mt. Katahdin, Jericho and my AT adventure. Adois! 

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