Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mt. Katahdin...TWICE!!

Yes Sir You heard me right, well this is late update a lot once again has happened, so basically I'm busy! 

So after showing up in Maine, attending a Maine Team camp, with some jetlag from the flight, and a week of training, I started fitting in a bit more. It takes a while for me to adjust to where I am and to get comfortable with the people that I'm around, which is strange because once you know me, it's very apparent that though at first I may seem quite, I m actually quit far from it. well Katahdin...yea...

So having my awkward new kid part of the year out of the way, we (Maddie, Casey and I) decided to take a trip with the Junior/Devo team to Mt. Katahdin in Maine. What we didn't know was that we where going to end having to the mountain...twice...in one day...which granted isn't bad but still...it was a 9 hour trek..... but a good one! 

We did start the trip knowing that we where going to be going up and down twice, once up the front and once up the back. But we didn't know that is was going to take us about 9 hours.

 The first time up took us just about two hours to hit the summit, and then another hour (give or take some) to reach the other side of the knifes edge, and down to the back base, where we found a neat little pond with a ranger who was quite concerned about the amount of water that we were carrying with us. Guess he just wanted to be sure we were not dehydrated, though personally I believe he was beyond bored out there. Before turning around and coming back up we had a nice little picnic lunch of PB and J sand-which's and gummy snacks it was "yummy"  . It was long, trek back up mostly consistent of boulders but it was a fun adventure well worth it in the end. And on the way back to FK I got to see my first Moose! or Meese..There was a cow and her calf on the side of the rode on our way back up, a great way to end an awesome weekend!!

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