Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Training

Well it has been a very busy fall over all. So there has not been a lot of time for blog updates (Sorry to the various Aunts and Uncles and the few random cousins/friends who read this to actually see what I'm doing with my life. ) 
Because of my lack of updating I will try to post lots of pictures and give you some of the low down that's been going on since the start of school this fall! 

Well since school has started it's been very busy studying studying studying, I'm currently enrolled as a Freshman at U of Maine at Fort Kent with a major in Nursing. So far so good, lot sof work but in theory it will all be worth it in a few years. 

Now on to the Good stuff

The "gang' as I have come to refer to us as (Maddie, Brian, Casey, Raleigh and occasionally Austin when he's not doing Nordic Stuff) have been all over the County and some parts of Canada for Training.
Well After a short visit to Canada for some training up in Quebec, we headed back to the County for a bit, actually for a long time, I haven't left yet. The ODT guys (Casey, Raleigh and Kat) Along with Seth went out to Utah for the second string of Trials races.  While we got to stay here and just keep on training. There was a couple of epic mountain bike rides that I went on up in Canada. 

Canada Has some great ATV trails if any of you guys are wondering and want to try it at some point. The trails are also great for running on and all over the place we even found the water tower that we can see from out house at one point!

Aside form training we got our MWSC gear, so of course we had to try to all on, it was basically a nordic skier christmas!

Here's a jacket preview along with some friends that we made while walking up to the mountain one day for practice!  These little guys followed us all the way up to the range and back! And they followed me on my entire hour run after we got back to the house crazy little puppies!

Other Than that some steady dry-firing the occasional visits from the ODT team and lots of Homework form the University, and some very delicious Campfire Smores Ice Cream (I do recommend you try it) We're off and headed to the land of Snow in Canmore Canada!! Rumor has it that they have some 5k of snow out already! But we have some snow of ours to compete with that, for Halloween we got a bit of a early treat with just enough snow to go rock skiing up at the range one day! 

Some Hilarious costumes and pumpkins from Halloween!

Well that's all for now Folks I'll let you know how Canmore goes! I have a lab-report for Anatomy to actually finish up now. Until then!  

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