Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Canmore Adventure

A week ago starting on Friday morning the PG's of MWSC started 
their trip out to Canmore, Alberta Canada for a week of on snow training with the ODT Biathletes who had already been out here for a while before hand. We(well I was, I had a later flight and didn't get in until 1am Friday Night/Saturday Morning) where greeted Saturday morning with a stunning view of the mountains of Canmore from the house's living room window. The ODT's, Casey, Raleigh, Katrina and Omar participated in this seasons season opener Nor Am Biathlon Races while Maddie and I tried to get our snow legs back under us. 

 This was of course before we found out that there was a cougar warning on a couple of the back trails where we had ironically gone skiing just that morning before stopping to watch the rest of the team compete in the races.   

We have spent the remainder of our week here prepping for our season opener races with Nor Am #2 with an individual 10k and sprint 6k. The surrounding area of Canmore is really nice, it's a lot like Wolfeboro, NH for reference, but with a lot more snow and mountains. We took a couple runs/walks into town and got to go around and play American tourist with the rest of the Biathletes from Minnesota, we even managed to get a movie trip up into Banf to go watch Catching Fire. A few intensity sessions to prep, and a few (actually a lot) of range loops and we are all set for this weekends racing! 

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