Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Races in Canmore

 On Saturday was Nor Am#2, an individual race, which is four shooting stages, two prone and two standing. Yes this is proof of the first race that I did, It did not go that great I must say though. The first races are always the hardest ones; I did okay nothing to write home about. 

The individual ended up with only about half of the targets down and a lot of time added on to the final ski time. Coming out with an 8th place finish did not leave me with much desire to have to race the next day I do have to say, but after a good afternoon ski and waxing some skis I was ready to get back into the game.

On to day two, the sprint. This time it was only two shootings and four less kilometers. Awesome sauce. Now these races would have gone super but once again I had some trouble getting myself to remember that the shooting really wasn't any different than that of training. After hitting about 60% of my targets I was able to pull of some better skiing and finished up with a 5th place. 
Afterwards the PG gang pack up all of our stuff (which was a lot) and headed back east to Fort Kent, while the ODT members stayed in Canmore, a little longer before they head out to IBU and Olympic trials in Minnesota. Check to see how they're doing and cheer them on! (Katrina HoweCasey Smith , and Raleigh Goessling )
Prepping for the sprint race with my mandatory pre-race music

Some stretching before hand is always must before racing 

Maddie and I exploring the trail system at Canmore

Some 'selfie' action with Maddies glasses while we where waiting for the guys to finish their races! 

Some members of the MWSC team: L-R Katrina Howe, Myself, Brian Halligen, Maddie Phaneuf, Casey Smith, Coach Seth Hubbard, and Omar Bermejo

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