Saturday, December 21, 2013

Negative Degree Weather, Exams and Snow

 The weeks after Canmore’s Adventure has been quite busy; Following Canmore was Final exam week at college. So along with catching up with homework, I got to sit in what I call the corner of doom, in the basement for a couple of hours every night after dinner and prepare for the tests that last maybe an hour each, but if you fail them you might fail the entire semester. This is great to look forward to, to all you future college students.

 The radiator in Maddies and My room deciding that it wanted to pour/gush water very early one Monday off day.

An Interesting way to kick the week off, that’s fore-sure.

A couple of exams done throughout the week and the end of the semester were in sight! With the completion of my Nursing exam on Wednesday, I am official on ‘Winter Break’

During all of this though was our week of ‘Cold’ weather, and by cold I mean even cold for someone who lives on a hill in NH. The week started at a crisp -16degrees Fahrenheit and slowly creaked its way up to around 0Degrees around midday, where the other athletes and I if I didn't have class would run up to the mountain to get training done while it was still “warm” out. Before the sunset it quickly made its way back to the negative teens.

Needless to say this meant a lot of bundled up skiing, and some standing only combos for a while, for as did the cold come fast but so did the snow. This made it hard to lay out the mats and keep out of my rifle sights. We got bombarded with snow over the weekend and a few days last week resulting in just less than two feet of snow so far, and it’s still snowing!

I also discovered this week that when the weather is this cold out, and even if the bike-ride over to school or to PT is a short one, heavy gloves should still be used. When I first ventured out on my bike it was just a quick ride over to class, but it was just long enough to leave me without feeling in the tips of either of my thumbs up until now.

Well that’s all the news I have, in team news, fellow MWSC athlete Casey Smith qualified to go to the next set of IBU races in Italy in the beginning of January! Give him a Cheer and keep your fingers crossed that he’ll do well there!

Well that’s all folks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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