Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Presque Isle Trials; The Long and Never Ending Weekend

This past weekend the MWSC Biathlete's  met up with all of the other Junior and Youth Biathletes from all over the country in Presque Isle, Maine for the 2014 Youth and Junior team trials. Needless to say these trials like any other races where merciless and really pushed each biathlete to put nothing but their best out there on the course each day. 

The weekends races consisted of three races, two sprints and a pursuit. The first race a 7.5k Sprint(two shootings: prone and standing); in which I did shoot very well, and my skiing was not at it's best; I came through with a 5th place position. Teammate Maddie Phaneuf pulled through for a second place finish with some good shooting and fast skiing; Brian Halligan, also had some impressive skiing and shooting with a win in the Youth Men's race!

The second race, the pursuit was 10k and had two prone and standing stages. This race went over a little better skiing wise, but the shooting still was not great. I ended up spending more time than wanted in the penalty loop, but 4th was the position of the day. Maddie still skiing strong came through with 3rd, along with Brian grabbing 4th. Needless to say the pursuit was a bit harder on some of us, but it was a fun race.

The third and final race the second sprint was when things really began to change, and that's not only the racing. The weather decided to revert back to being double buff, and two plus layers of spandex cold; along with the wind picking up in the range. After some quick sight adjustments from Seth, the race was underway. Of course because the wind was howling and there was snow everywhere this is the only time this weekend that I was able to clean a stage in prone. This was a great motivational booster for me to keep skiing hard, I knew if the skiing could come together I would still have a shot at having a good race. Standing was a lot harder than prone; the wind had picked up even more (there was boards falling over as I was skiing into the range, never a good sign before shooting). After a few misses, and some incredible yelling form the New York Parents team I got back on course. This time I was able grab second place, along with Maddie finishing the weekend strong with the win of the day. Brian also was able to come through strong and win his race, along with a MWSC sweep for the Youth Men's race, with Kamran, Brendan, and Cody taking 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.   

Overall this weekend has shown me that even though in practice I might be doing well, training is still not the same as racing. There is still a lot of training that has to go into this winter for both my shooting and skiing before the end of February comes along. 

Hopefully I will be seeing a lot of the American Nordic and Biathlon crowds here in Presque Isle later this year. Until then stay warm it's suppose to drop to a high of -18 with a low of -33, It's going to be a couple days of cold skiing coming our way.

Photos: Jakob Ellingsons, and Katrina Howe
Full Results from the Weekends Races: 

December 30th, 2013 - Presque Isle, Maine - Junior/Youth Biathlon Championships USA Team Trials - 6km Sprinthttp://minnesotabiathlon.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/12.2013-US-Trials-Sprint-WYJCH-Yth-Women.pdf
December 29th, 2013 - Presque Isle, Maine - Junior/Youth Biathlon Championships USA Team Trials - 10km Pursuithttp://minnesotabiathlon.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/12.2013-Pursuit-US-Trials-WYJCH-Yth-Women.pdf
December 28th, 2013 - Presque Isle, Maine - Junior/Youth Biathlon Championships USA Team Trials - 7.5km Sprinthttp://minnesotabiathlon.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/12.2013-US-Trials-WYJCH-Yth-Women.pdf

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