Monday, February 24, 2014

Rumford, Jericho, Fort Kent, Caribou, Waterville Valley

Since biathlon trials in Presque Isle, Maine after Christmas  I have done four more long biathlon, and non-biathlon race weekends. The most impressive of these is the Eastern Cup Races in Rumford, ME and a 30 kilometer race right here in Northern Fort Kent!

The Eastern Cup in Rumford was the first race weekend after Trials in Presque Isle that I (and the MWSC crew) attended. These races consisted of  10K mass start skate race, and a 5k classic race the following day. 

The mass start went over very well for me. I was able to break early to the front of the pack and hang with my fellow teammate Katrina Howe through out the entire race. I posted my best Eastern Cup results of 7th overall for the woman's field, and also was the 3rd OJ women. 
The next day (the 5k Classic) was a bit tougher. Individual starts, fast glide and gripy wax set the mood for a good race; But I was a little tried from previous day, I posted a top 20 placing overall for the woman's field and a top 10 for the OJ women.  

A long drive back to county, followed by another even longer drive back out the next weekend to Jericho, Vermont for the North American Biathlon Championships. These races included a Sprint, a Pursuit and another Mass Start.

The sprint race went over very well for me. Some okay shooting and some fast skiing resulted in my first Sprint win of the season. The following day's pursuit race proved to be a bit more challenging in the range. Skiing fast helped keep me on the podium with a second place finish. The mass start was overall one of my not so good races of the season. Poor shooting and slow skiing landed me with a sixth place finish. Overall the weekend was a good learning experience, with learning to deal with some fridge temperatures and gusty winds; along with how to balance emotional turmoil and racing. 

The next weekend did not have a long drive included, but the race was long to make for it. The frostbite 30k in Fort Kent was my first race longer than 12k that I was to attempt. It went over well, but at about 25k it proved to be a much longer race than previously anticipated. 

The Weekend afterwards was the Aroostook County Ski Festival in downtown Caribou, ME. Main street was covered with snow for about 200meters, and parking lots was filled also. The morning was spent teaching kids from the local areas with help from MWSC Healthy Hometowns skis and boots, to ski around, play games, do some main street sprint racing and overall just enjoy the winter day. Later in the day was a Aroostook Cup sprint race, where the MWSC PG girls got to battle it out for our age groups. I was able to pull of the age group win, but lost to fellow teammate Emily Ramsey for the Overall Sprint title. A fun day of racing with some awesome teammates. 

The last Eastern Cup was at Waterville Valley back in New Hampshire. A long weekend of racing with a 10k skate and a 10k classic race the next day in Holderness, NH. 

The 10k skate was a long race, I went out a little to fast and by the time 7k rolled around I was a little more tired than I thought I would be. A solid 26th place was in store for me that day. Tired from the previous day and unfortunately starting to be a little under the weather. The classic course at Holderness is a fun course, but again I was feeling tired and not so healthy, a top 30th was for me. 

Now recovered, healthy and ready to go, I'm gearing up for the 
2014 Youth and Junior Biathlon World Championships held right here in Presque Isle, Maine. I'm looking forward to seeing members from the other international biathlon teams and I can't wait to see some of my friends that will be coming over here from Europe and Beyond. 


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