Monday, February 24, 2014

Time Trialing and New Uniforms

To start off the Junior World Trip we where greeted in Presque Isle with some awesome new uniforms! The baby blue puffy jackets with their scarlet red hoods are quite the treat for us youth and junior athletes as they are the same jackets that the national team members get to wear while they are touring the World Cup and visiting the Olympics in Sochi! 
Left: The back of the Jackets Right: The New Uniforms Photo Cred Maddie Phaneuf 

After receiving these awesome new suits we set out to preparing for Sunday mornings time trial. Saturday was spent getting skis together, organizing the wax room and getting reacquainted with the range in Presque Isle. The range is known for having gusty winds and can be sometimes difficult to shoot in, so some extra care will be needed to pay attention to the wind flags while racing.

The course here is fast. Some quick and steep downhills followed by some equally steep and challenging uphills. Luckily my new this season Salomon skate skis are seemingly made for this course! So I should be all set when it comes to skiing strong next week.

On Sunday we had our first Time Trial (aka TT), this was a sprint TT, 6k for the youth women in preparation for this coming weekends races. I felt healthy and got the Okay to race from Coach Hubbard; and I'm glad I race. I felt fast on my skis and I was able to get a feel for the range while racing again. Coach Will Sweetster (MWSC our XC coach) was also there to shoot some video and give technique advice.

It was good to get some race course specific advice and I feel it will be helpful going into this weekend. Below is some footage shoot by Will and Coach Travis (National Guard/Team USA). 

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