Thursday, February 27, 2014

We're Almost There! and Good News for MWSC

We are in the final countdown with one day left until the first race! Tonight is the opening ceremonies which will take place at the UMPI campus tonight at 7pm. Our first race start tomorrow bright and early with the Youth Men's and Women's sprint races with the men doing 10k and the women 6k. It's going to be good to get to race our home course, my skis feel fast and my shooting feels good. I'm pumped and excited to start! 

Following the time trial (TT) on Sunday I made the Long(ish) tract back to Fort Kent so that I could attend a few classes at UMFK. Just so that I won't be missing to much school. After spending Monday Off day and Tuesday morning doing lots of homework, I finally got to come back back to Presque Isle and do afternoon training with the Men's team. 

Also as a bonus we've decided to dye our hair with streaks of red/pink for the races. The dyeing of the hair was quite the process (specifically for those of us with brown hair) it required pre-bleaching of our hair and then the applying the red dye. But the long wait was worth it for some fun results that will be fun to race with this upcoming weekend!
Step 1: Creating the Sections of Hair to dye and adding the bleach. Oh Uh!!

The Results of the bleach! It came out a lot blonder than excepted! A bit surprising! 

The final product after the red dye was added. A fun looking braid for the races! 

So far we have not been doing to much other than training, dry firing and preparing for the coming races. In other news MWSC has come through with a financial donor for next years ski season! This is very exciting news as the MWSC is very supportive of biathlon and has played a large role in helping me improve in skiing and in biathlon. There will be a press release shortly so keep your eyes on the news for stories both from the MWSC and from the Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships. 

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