Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pursuit and Individual Races

After the two longer races it's needless to say that I am a little tired. The 7.5k Pursuit race on Sunday, and the 10k individual race on Tuesday proved to have both their up and downs on the  course and in the range. 

The Pursuit race for myself, went only "so-so" fast skis, and good skiing was excepted and performed well, but the shooting still was not all there yet on the range. Going out strong in my first true pursuit I felt confident in my skiing and even coming into the range. Turns out I had just a little to much confidence and came in and shot to fast resulting in a few misses to many and a couple trips around the penalty loop. Still I was determine to ski the race well and remained confident in my skiing. 

A few more misses where in store for me as well, for a grand total of 11 penalty loops. A long race for the pursuit but it was good to learn and figure out how to fix my shooting so that I could apply it in the individual competition. 

Tuesday morning, race day number three for the youth women; with an hour delay due to cold temperatures. Personally I did not find the weather to be very cold at all, then again I have been living up here in northern Maine for most of the winter and have become accustomed to it. The delay did not have much of an impact on me personally, but I enjoyed it as it gave me some extra time to warm up slowly and more effectively with the cold air. 

I started closer to the back of the pack, but this was good (for me, as my skis prefer the more skied in snow when possible). Thanks to our awesome wax techs I had supper slippery skis. A soon as they where on I almost fell over in surprise in the amount of glide that was one them. An awesome feeling to have. 
Skiing overall went well, I thoroughly enjoy skiing Presque Isle's 2k loop, but still have to work on remembering to not go out to hard right at the beginning. Even shooting in the Individual went fairly well. Only missing two prone shots total and four standing shots (work still have to be done there) I came across the finish line happy with my performance. This was my best shooting of the week, and I skied well. 

Teammate Maddie Phaneuf had another amazing race for the Youth Women's Individual placing 8th overall along with fellow American teammate Anna Kubek in 10th. Both had amazing races on Tuesday and in the pursuit races. I'm looking forward to competing with these two girls in the last race of the competition week. The Youth Women's relay is Tomorrow (Thursday the 6th), and will consisted of Anna, Maddie and I (start order TBD). It should be a good way way to close out this amazing week of skiing and biathlon. 

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  1. Mikaela,
    This is Chester Kukwa, your father's friend from the Boy Scouts. We visited you in New Hampshire, hard to believe, ten years ago. I'm looking for his current e-mail address.