Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sprint Race and Wind on the Range

Well some of us USA athletes got really lucky with the very windy range today...and unfortunately I was not so lucky. Teammate Maddie Phaneuf on the other hand had AMAZING luck with range wind, cleaning her first sprint race and skiing to a 4th place finish!! 
Maddie Phaneuf skiing her way to 4th place finish: Photo Cred Kat Howe

I was the third starter for yesterdays sprint race, going out super early has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of these being that I get the fresh course, but at the same no not a lot of people will have come through the range so the coach's will not have yet had a chance to see how the wind and other people are shooting for corrections. A good learning experience, as the only way to get better at racing is to keep racing. (Though for personal consolation I was happy to hear that all of the other skiers that I came into the range with all had trouble with the wind also). 
A little tired post race, I did way more skiing than planed. Oops 

Most of the team for Opening Ceremonies! 

Over all the skiing portion of the race went great! The course is fast and a lot of fun to ski on. I also had teammates, coaches and friends posted almost every corner which made skiing hard to try and make up time that much easier in a way. Knowing that there are people out there who still think you are doing well and want you to do well when you think that you're not having a good race is a great confidence booster! (43rd is an okay spot to be)

Team USA Girls! L-R Maddie P. Kelsey D. Myself, Siena E. and Anna K. Missing Tara GM

I'm looking forward to the Pursuit on Sunday, and I can't wait to see how the Juniors race today. Where you can watch them here: Watch Junior Biathlon (Youth aren't special enough to get year folks), and live results for both the Youth/Junior race is here: Live Results 

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