Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Recap of The End of the Ski Season

Oh Check it out Mikaela Finally updated her blog....

It has come to my attention that I should recap the end of my ski season. Of course having to get out of the houses giant bean bag chair wrapped in my heated blanket while downing pints of Ben & Jerry's new chocolate with a raspberry jam core, and singing various renditions of the new hit song "Let It Go" from Frozen to try and recap the mixed emotional roller coaster ride of Good races vs. Bad races has not been easy. It has taken the complex care of supervised "Mikaela Careers" to start coaxing me out of the chair and back into the reality of the world. (Okay that Actually didn't happen, but I did go into a couple day slump where I did do absolutely nothing but homework, eat food and sleep.)

Well the end of Junior Worlds at Presque Isle was really nothing to write home about (or I'm sure I would have blogged by now). The relay went over fairly well, not as well as I would have liked for my anchor leg (Three penalties can be a bit of bummer) The the Championships overall was a week and a half well spent with good teammates and old and new friends alike. 

After Worlds we went to US Nationals in Jericho Vermont this year. After a battle royal with the elements (A massive snow storm that caused the MWSC Van and Brian's Jeep to get stuck while only in Presque Isle, implementing a 14 hour car ride by the end of it all) Waking up for a Individual race the next was tricky business and had to be taken with care. As I personally was starting to hit the "I just want to go someplace WARM" stage of the end of New England Winters. 

The sprint the next day was a lot better, since it was not until 7pm and night when we could under the lights. That was fun and was my best result and racing at nationals (aside from the fact I broke my still new this season Madshus poles which I had spray painted HOT PINK and was still deeply in love with, needless to say I had my heart broken that night.) But all good things come with time and patience (at east thats what the fairies in Disney movies say)so I'll save the freak out about poles for next year. 

The last race of Nationals was a Mass start and not my favorite, but it went alright. After clean up it was the (supposedly) much shorter car ride back to Fort Kent, Maine and crust skiing awaiting us. 

Crust skiing right...Because my last name is 'Paluszek' (Meaning One Who Recieve Bad Luck No Matter their Karma status), so of course when I was still chipper and happy and COULD NOT WAIT until Crust skiing started Mother Nature did not deliver. WE spent a good amount of time skiing at 10th MT. and the NHC where I managed to break not only a ski but another pole (Pole freak out happening.....right This put a damper on the skiing once it finally came and I must say I am quite happy to only be running now. (I know  terrible thing to say as a nordic skier but I do have my limits on the amount of cold and snow that I can take). 

Well overall the end of the ski season was a fairly good one, and now currently I attempting to be a quasi-"normal" teenage girl (a lot harder than you would think would be possible when there is no starbucks in Fort Kent and the only cloths I own say ADIDAS or Mt. Borah, or are sneakers(gross)...) finishing up the school year, doing lots of homework, drinking lots of tea and sleeping. I love sleeping at the end of the year. Well that is all for now.

PS. Before I for get I would like to thank Ian Harvey at TOKO Ski Wax for offering me a VIP Discount! Your help is greatly appreciated!    

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