Friday, May 2, 2014

So What Comes Next? Lots of Pictures!!

There has not been much going on up here in the County some spring skiing and lazy training while causally trying to finish my first year of college whilst remaining sane. Yup not much has been going on. I started "training" a bit. This mostly is consisting of a few ski days here and there, with this week mostly running (due to rain); I have also managed to throw some core session in between classes and trying to convince myself to finish my English paper. Which isn't as easy as you might think it would be to do! After the end of school I'm scheduled to head back over to Japan for one last summer of humidity before the rest of the family comes back to NH later this coming winter/spring! Hoping to get some good training in while I'm there, I'm pretty sure that I am almost ready to get back into the swing of full time training again and looking forward to the summer time!!

There's still some skiing to be had here in Fort Kent
This picture was taken just after easter
Plenty of Snow!!

A bike ride out to the allagash was a good way to spend the first warm afternoon here 

The pond that was created that had to be crossed to get to the trail

Even though it's muddy and gross there's still some
neat looking flowers to be found
A good view from somewhere on the snowmobile trails of FK 

White sneakers are a poor choice for mud season running
I would also like to thank Honey Stinger for now helping me with my biathlon pursuits this coming training year! 

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