Thursday, June 26, 2014

Japan: My "Off" Season?

This summer in many ways I have been in my "off season". No school, no coaches saying this or that; But at the same time I still have a training plan that I have to try and follow, younger siblings that need attention and a job at the pool.

This summer is a happy and a sad one, it is the last time that I will be in Yokosuka, Japan. My family is moving back to the states after the turn of the New Year; I'm going to miss going there to Yokosuka in the summer. It's a fun place to visit and there's always a new adventure around the corner there. Also I have finally made a few friends there that are my age ,and I am finally able to "go out on the town" not that I have...(If anybody wants to go back to Japan with and explore some more of Japan please let me know!! I want to go!) 

Well that being said, I am now back in the County and getting geared up and ready for the coming summer of roller skiing, and ski bounding that awaits me here in Fort Kent.  

Some the Weird but Surprisingly tasty Ice Cream Flavors of Japan
And of Course we had to make some traditional Polish Keilbasa 
This really neat looking Bamboo Forest was only one of the many places that I stopped at on my bike rides this Summer

Speaking of bike riding, the sites were something to be had too...
The advantages of having a sibling who works at the pool makes job shadowing that much easier for Alexandra(My little sister)
And Yes there was a trip to Toyko DisneyLand Where Dreams do come true and I can pretend to be a princess without people looking at me funny (Even though I am a princess, don't you guys forget it)
I did also get in some good hikes with my younger brother Matthew
And of course I just had to add this awesome picture of my sister from when she was summer waxing her XC skis again!! Imagine seeing this while walking by a house in Japan? A little crazy huh? You can take the skier out of the snow but you can't stop them!

Stay tuned for more Training and Summer Adventures!!

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