Thursday, July 17, 2014

Biking Adventures!!

This afternoon fellow biathletes Maddie, Casey and myself set off for a short but fun ride through some of Canada's biking trails. To start off our easy bike ride, our first decision (Made by Maddie and Myself much to the dismay of Casey) was to NOT bike what seemed like straight up the hill (pictured to the left). Terrible...we wanted an easy(ish) afternoon ride...I know..bad athletes..

Maddie Posing with her bike "Harold" along the route we took!

(Maddie L, Myself R.) As we continued along our merry way on a dirt road that was gently rolling we stopped for a few photo chances along a small lake/larger pond that was home to a lone Loon and a few Canadian Geese. 

I also took this opportunity to do some posing with my Mt. Bike, and to show off my Nordic Skier Sports Water Bottle!! Which I recently discovered has come on All to Most of my wild and crazy skiing related adventures! 

 A close up of the bottle in case anybody was interested!!
A few other fun pictures include (myself) getting really bored, and spending four+ hours in a car (While we where traveling from Sugarloaf to Fort Kent) and braiding my hair.

Until the next post! I leave you with this awesome post interval selfie with the one and only Maddie! 

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