Monday, July 7, 2014

Of Roller Skiing and Giant Chickens

As Maine would have it we are having a mixture of weather this summer; All types hot and humid to freezing and rainy. And of course the fog to the north of us hiding Canada from our dining room view so that we will be under prepared for the coming attack of Canadian Geese and Moose. 

Enough shenanigans on to the important stuff: Training. Needless to to say the title states much of what has happened in the last couple of weeks. Yes there has been a lot of roller skiing and yes we did see a giant cement chicken just the other day while going for a casual 3+ hour bike ride through our neighboring country to the north (Canada).
Photo cred: Katrina Howe

The ride was fun a large group of us MWSC athletes, and we saw the 10th Mt cycling group along our travels so a brief interaction with them was in order until we took to some dirt roads through various hay fields and gravel spots (while on our road bikes yes but no damage was done I promise). 
Left: Kelsey Dickinson Right: Katrina Howe on our ride through Canada
We also got the chance to roller ski in the town of Stockholm Maine's 4th of July parade!
Members of the Jalbert House in Fort Kent all got to ski in the parade
Where yes I did get to wear my Super-Girl costume from last Halloween! The rest of the 4th was spent shooting shotguns with the rest of the Maine Team, making hamburgers and hanging out with the Presque Isle members of the MWSC PG team. 
The shooting of the shotgun photo cred: Katrina Howe
While that's fun and all last but not least the Fort Kent crew traveled done to Ashland, Maine for a adventure race! This "adventure" was in fact exactly that; over 7.5kilometers of ducking through culverts, squeezing threw tires, climbing up walls and swimming threw ponds was to be honest the funniest race of my career so far. 
A side note it was pouring rain the entire duration of the race (which just made it that much more fun(for me)). 

The start of the Adventure race
As you can see by the picture and our blurry outlines it was very rainy and wet out!!
Our next adventure is off to Southern Maine to the Sugar Loaf ski area for the Maine team camp. The change of scenery will be fun and it will great to interact with some more of my skiing peers to the south! Until then! I leave you with a video of me doing the penguin from a few winters ago

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