Monday, July 14, 2014

Ski, Run, Hike, Get Muddy It's Camp

Well...We're back from our week of training with the rest of the MWSC crew, and other nordic members of Maine Nordic Circuit at the Maine Team camp at Sugar-loaf last week!! A fun, long, hard and hot week of roller skiing, intervals, hiking (for what seemed like forever) and an adventure race! 
We started off the week with some skate intervals on the Sugar-Loaf access road. It was a long hot and humid day that resulted in (I) having to cut down my 15-20min intervals all at once to only 10min intervals (terrible I know right?). But it was good to get to ski with some other girls and guys. (Not that I don't like you guys in Fort Kent) 
Skiing up the access road in the heat; I was defiantly feeling it the first time up, but hey they say "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" right? or just dehydrates you...

Our hike was a couple days later after lots of sweat and tears....Uhh I mean Strength and running.

The Hike had a lot of neat, interesting views, and places to explore. Just like this cave that we found! It was more like a giant overhang with a rock over it. But it was still pretty neat though! 
The trip was well worth the several hours that our hike was composed of, along with the many view points that we came across! You can see Sugar-Loaf in the way back!
And of course the hike would not be anywhere close to being complete if team mate Maddie hadn't gotten her hands on a Minion Fruit Roll up!!! Thanks to Coach Seth!

Below: The Entire Maine Camp crew as we set off for our Adventure run! Where some of us came into contact with a real nasty Bog! Glad it wasn't me!! I ended spending a large amount of time swimming through the river!
Above: Running with the Coach's Seth(L) and Will (R) at the start of the adventure race warm up. These coach's have been a great help over the past year and have already helped me set some awesome goals for this coming race season!
Well other than that we did have a few shooting seasons at a small range. That was much like the Fish and Game range back in Farmington, NH where I used to shoot back home before My dad and I built my own target. 

We had some good shooting practices over at the range. Now we're back in Fort Kent relaxing and getting ready for a new week of training! The Jericho Biathlon races are coming up soon!
Until the next post! 

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