Thursday, July 24, 2014

Would You Just Look At This View!!

It's not a bad view either! We spent the end of our two volume weeks with a weekend camping trip up to Kameraska, Quebec, Canada. It was a great way to end a long training period. We started bright and early on Saturday morning with some awesome intervals up at the 10th Mountain Center; before figuring out how to pack the entire Fort Kent gang into two vans plus: 7 road bikes, lots of tents and sleeping bags, food, more food, extra cloths and of course pillows! 

Point and Case: to the left (all the bikes, so many we needed two bike racks)! 

After a quick drive up (it's not far from Fort Kent), Maddie and I dug out out running shoes and went for a nice run along the St. Lawrence sea way! 
The view of the Sea way (Photo Cred to Katrina Howe!) After a fun evening of Smore's cupcakes, and card games we retired to await the comings days biking adventure! 
The biking group that adventured out on our 5 hour (75miles) ride through Kameraska and neighboring towns. This was a fun ride because I got to ride with not only the MWSC crew from Fort Kent; but also the XC MWSC crew from Preqsue Isle! It was great to interact with more of the MWSC PG team. 

After the nice long (but fun) adventure, it was officially the beginning of RECOVERY WEEK!! Which started off with a nice walk out and around the actual town of Kameraska. We're we stopped at a fancy chocolate store and got some really tasty ice cream, and found some other tasty Canadian treats! 
The next day some of the MWSC crew headed home while the rest of us stayed back to do a little bit of hiking, while others strapped on some climbing harnesses, and clamored up the many cliff faces of the area! 
 Katrina and I spent a good majority of the morning Hiking and picking blueberries while everyone else climbed. 

After a while even I tried on a harness and with the great help of Austin got to try pulling myself up some of the rocks! It was fun but also very hard for me (I have never climbed before), fun none the less though! A great weekend overall! It was finished with a long nap in the car on the way back to Fort Kent!

Recovery Week: So far so good! Some skiing, and some shooting. Today we went down and met the Presque Isle crew once again, except this time it was time for a BOG RUN! Which consisted of trying to ski-bound through a soft and squishy moss like area with lots of bog flowers (which Coach Will tried to teach us about, but we were to excited to start running through the Bog!) We're all looking forward to go to Jericho for the biathlon races in August! Until the next post! 
Here's me with one of Katrina's Kittens!!

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