Monday, August 18, 2014

I've been...Thunderstruck

Well...It looks like once again I have been neglecting my blogging duties that have been bestowed onto myself..oops. Well Shall we jump into "What has Mikaela Spent the last Month Doing?"

To summarize what has happened in the last month is to an extent, simple. We trained, we did some biking, and some more hiking, and little bit of running and racing; and on top of it all we are still alive. A little damp and wet from the last month but still alive non the less. 
Yup Pretty Foggy Out There

Has been a little wet, up in the county we've had at least 8 thunderstorms (hence the title) one of which I was caught mountain biking in. That was a fun ride, I was biking the nordic trails up at 10th Mountain before heading over to some of the snowmobile trails when suddenly *CRASH* *BANG* *BOOM* Thunder and Lightning where crashing all around me in a downpour of rain!! Needless to say I booked it home a very soaked biker. 

Other than that I've been doing a lot of volume skiing and some intervals thrown in with shooting combos! getting ready for the Jericho races! Not only have I been skiing but in the last month I managed to get on my mountain bike more than I have been and racking up the hours on the single track with Katrina (Whose been kind enough to deal with me as I try to get over my fear of small and narrow bike trails) I should say she's done impressive work as I no longer fear the single track! 

Anything else? 
Oh Yea I broke a Pole....

 Maddie and Casey on a roller ski we went on collected refundable bottles...

Katrina and I also found some Jalbert athletes at the craft fair in Fort Kent! 

And now onto the competition side of things...

In the last month I have competed at the Nordic Heritage Trial Festival in Presque Isle at the 6 hour running relay race.With a fabulous relay team composed of Katrina Howe, Kelsey Dickinson, Sarah Beaulieu, and myself. Kat, Kelsey and I each took turns running the 5km loops twice(so 10k) with Sarah running 5km loops in-between us. We ended up with a total of 9 laps run and as the winning Running Relay team of the day! We got to go home with some pretty fancy NHC (Nordic Heritage Center) hats some new glasses and a box full of doughnuts!Not a bad prize for the race I thought!  

We have also spent the last week in good Ole Jericho Vermont racing Americas greatest Senior men and women at senior Nationals (I got to race up). The week of training before at Jericho was not bad at all, we stayed at and Bed and Breakfast (so we got to make our own food) It was sunny, a little humid but not crazy hot, but it did like to rain...I have some very smelly and damp boots now...

The actual races went well too. The Sprint on Saturday was one of my best Sprint races with a shooting of (1,2) and a good time out of the roller loop skiing. Though I didn't come anywhere close to being fast enough to compete with the older girls it was a great opportunity to race with them. 

Sundays Mass start was well...for starters it poured rain for my entire warm up....and well even though I didn't have good time on the shooting range(big ouch...)It was still great to race the older members of my sports and learn from my mistakes out on the roller loop and in the range. I'm really looking forward to see what this winter holds for me with skiing and biathlon!! 

Now its time for a small rest week before heading back to Fort Kent and starting classes again at UMFK! Looking forward to the Fall and it's training and racing!! See you then! 

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  1. Great blog can't wait to read the next one. Life is an adventure, good to see that's how your living it.