Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Start of Fall, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and School

Our welcome to MWSC Mtn. Bike ride with Hannah! 
With the start of September also comes with it the start of many things; some of these are fun and some are not so fun...like school, and cold nights and pumpkin filled everything. Of course this also means that school has started and my classic blunder of NOT POSTING ANYTHING goes into full swing for blog posts about my life...But as school has now settled into a routine I can now find the time (sort'ove) to give an update on Where's Mikaela and just what is she doing? 

To start things off with bang some quick pictures you guys missed! Kat and I took on (well we tried too) the great outdoors of Aroostook county and its various logging roads to try and find a lake that we saw in the middle of the woods on Google Maps... As luck would have it though, we were not so lucky. The logging roads turned out to be old, and no longer in use; (personally used though, we ended up biking into somebodies backyard CREEEPY) 

Some other fun ( and not skiing) was the weekend I spent down with the PG boys before school started. Doing some skiing, meeting the rest of this years PG team, and eating some lobster(Thanks Hilary!) and getting to see Emily from last year was a great way to spend a weekend!
And of course we just had to do some 1k erg testing! It just wouldn't be the start of Fall with out it! Painful but still a lot of fun.
Some other fun stuff (and more recent) Brian and I decided to take on the weather and go for a distance classic ski in the pouring rain. This turned out to be very cold and not much fun after 2 1/2 hrs but we made the most of it!
And last (for now) but certainly not least, was some great hiking up in the Allagash before the older crew went out to Utah for their training camp. The views where amazing, and the company even better, though Sarah might have been a little tired after Kat and myself dragged her around the woods for almost four hours though...oops sorry Sarah.. 
I am also happy to say that I am officially working with Alpina for my ski boots and bindings! The boots are super comfy and I can't wait to get on the snow with them! Super excieted to ROCK THE RED this winter!

More to come from the wild and crazy( and currently text book filled) life of ME!! Stay tuned! PS thank s to Katrina Howe for a lot of the awesome photos!!

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  1. Great wrap up Mikaela, keep up all that great effort both at medical school and in biathlon . Hopefully it pays off big time.

    Having been a semi pro soccer player I appreciate just how hard it is to work and train and still maintain a healthy lifestyle balance, but from your blog it looks like you're doing a great job of that.

    Looking forward to the next blog, when you get time....

    Stephen Baker
    @bakersb1961 - twitter