Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working Our Way Out of Fall

To be totally honest despite the title of the last post I have yet to have a true Pumpkin Spice Latte. I've had pumpkin flavored coffee; but I’m seriously lacking in my teenage girl game this fall... Well let's see what I've been up too since I updated last! 

Other than training and school work, the only real big event that we have had so far is that the MWSC team went down to Jericho, Vermont for a set of biathlon races. These races were two short sprints, one on Saturday and another one on Sunday. We drove down on Thursday afternoon so that we could train on Friday, and shake our legs out after our long (8hr) drive from Fort Kent. There wasn't a lot of people there it was just the MWSC teams, some racers from USBA and a couple Canadian biathletes that came down for the weekend. 
This is a picture from my race start on the second day. It was a little wet and cold out so not the best way to start  a race, but I shot prone well with only one miss so that was great addition! 

My standing shooting on the first day went better than I was expecting, with only one missed shot! (It was also little warmer and brighter out the day before.) As you can tell by shorts and the (real!)sunlight on the range!
Overall the entire race weekend went well. It was great to get in some pre-season racing. I also got to see some teammates that I haven’t seen in a while so that was also a fun twist to the weekend as well!

And that's not even the best part; Fort Kent got its first snow fall the other day. Not much but it was enough snow for us to make a small jump in the front yard to play around and make a mess of the front yard!  

Having a blast rocketing off the small jump Casey and Brain built in the front yard!

Out of all of us I'm pretty sure Casey was the most excited for it to snow and for some rock skiing!

The season's just starting to come around! I hope you are all getting super excited, and pumped for the coming colder weather and snow!

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