Sunday, May 10, 2015

Back to the Hill in NH

My sister and I at the top of Gunstock after skiing up it one morning 
Being back home NH for the summer so far has proved to have its fair share of interesting events. The most notable being that my parents have moved back to NH and unpacking them back into the house as taken up a majority of my time. But it is good to have a home-base back for the coming winter. Being back at the house in NH has been a great mental break as well, now that I have my climbing trees back, and the snowmobile trails that I missed running on. 

Aside from unpacking their incredible amount of stuff some highlights of the spring have included:

Running my first half marathon race! Long and hard but the pizza at the end tasted amazing!
Feeling good at only 3 miles in! 

Not feeling as good 10 miles later but still pretty excited!

Getting to climb into all of the fruit trees at the house and saw them in half!

I've also been dragging my younger sister out on some runs perhaps a little too long for her…whoops and just in general getting to catch up with a lot of my good friends that I haven’t had the opportunity to see over the past couple of years! 
I got to met up with my old roommate from Vermont Academy in Boston for a fun afternoon of remembering high school and comparing colleges!

My brother and I also got to try our hand at the street?

The spring now turning into a very hot and warm summer is looking to be a good one; I will be spending a majority of my time here in New Hampshire training with my brother and my old ski group GNA (Gunstock Nordic Association) and taking some summer classes at UNH to stay on track for school in the fall. Although there have been lots of changes with Maine Winter Sports Center, I will still be competing with them this coming ski season as I pursue my nursing degree at UMFK. This might mean that my biathlon career may take a slight European trials vacation, I will still be competing at the local and regional races, in both Cross Country and Biathlon for the Maine Winter Sports Center. 

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